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I'm back!

I'm back. This is the first time I've even logged into my site in 2023. I decided to take a long break from this and take some time to think about what I want to do with this blog moving forward. To be honest, I still have no idea, but, I did decide today was going to be the first day in 2023 that I'd log on and write something. So here I am.

I have had a fairly successful start to my bets so far this year. I've hit a couple of huge parlays with two of my close friends on NFL Sundays that has somewhat catapulted me into a nice little streak right now. It's taken almost a year of consistent sports betting to figure out how to navigate each slate on a daily basis. I'm learning when to attack, when to fade, and when to just stay away from games completely. I'm learning the ins and outs of each of the individual major sports, and where I feel comfortable and confident enough to put my hard earned money on a particular bet. Most importantly, I'm learning the importance of bankroll management. Sticking to a certain 'unit' size is of extreme importance.

All that being said, I still have a long way to go in my journey. So far this year, I've started to dabble a bit in Futures betting. Futures betting can provide a path to long-term betting success, and I intend to take advantage as often as possible. Here's a list of the current Futures that I've invested in:

5u on Virginia to win the NCAA Tournament +2500

1u on Creighton to win the NCAA Tournament +4500

1.5u on Creighton to Make the NCAA Final Four +650

1.5u on University of Miami to Make the NCAA Final Four +1600

8.5u on the Detroit Tigers Over 70.5 Regular Season Wins -105

2.5u on Trevor Lawrence for 2023 NFL MVP +1700

Now, allow me dive into some reasons for why I took these Future bets.

5u on Virginia is simply a bet on their experience to carry them in the tournament. This is an older team capable of not letting the moment get too big for them. I really like this bet a lot.

1u on Creighton because they seem like a potential team of destiny this season. They're an extremely talented team, have experience, and can compete with the best teams in the country.

Miami has been disrespected by the sportsbooks all season long. I felt like that was reasoning enough to take a shot at them making the Final Four. They have the talent to get there, and they do have several impressive wins this season.

I absolutely threw down on the Tigers to go Over 70.5 wins this season. I'm a Tigers fan, so this gives me an extra reason to watch this team play. They were decimated with injuries last season, and I think some injury luck swings back in their favor this year. If they can stay even slightly more healthy than last year, I think they can climb over this 70.5 win total. Go Tigers!

Trevor Lawrence intrigues me as an MVP candidate for several reasons. He has continued to grow as a player each season, and if he can stay healthy, he is easily one of the most talented QB's in the league. A second year with Greg Pederson will help, and this Jaguars team is trending in the right direction overall. Look for Trevor Lawrence to have a huge season in 2023!

I track all my bet on Pikkit. Be sure to follow me there!

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