NBA Team Preview - Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks offseason has been... boring. Non-existent. A blip on the radar. They did add Joe Ingles, but he's coming off a torn ACL and I don't expect him to contribute until mid-season. I firmly believe that if Kris Middleton was healthy in the playoffs, The Bucks would have won back-to-back Championships. We'd be talking about a Giannis dynasty.

2021-22 Record: 51 - 31

2022-23 NBA Win Total Record: 52.5 (DraftKings)

2022-23 NBA Championship Odds: +800 (DraftKings)

If everyone on this team can stay healthy and be ready for the playoffs, this team will cruise through the regular season with ease. I am picking this Bucks team to win the title for the 2nd time in three years. They have a loaded roster with plenty of championship experience and pedigree. This will be a fun team to watch.

My Predictions:

Over 52.5 (NBA Champions)

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