NBA Team Preview - San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are going full rebuild mode. They traded Dejounte Murray to Atlanta for draft picks. Keldon Johnson is looking like the top scoring option on offense this season. Yikes. This will be an absolutely forgettable year for Spurs fans.

2021-22 Record: 34 - 48

2022-23 NBA Win Total Odds: 22.5 (DraftKings)

2022-23 NBA Championship Odds: +100000 (DraftKings)

To literally nobody's surprise, this team projects as the worst team in the Association this season. The roster is chalked full of players that have yet to really prove themselves yet.

My Predictions:

Under 22.5 Wins (They will finish with the worst record in the NBA).

One bright spot will be that Keldon Johnson will likely average 25+ points per game.

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