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Nicholls Sold our Bag....

Welp, yesterday wasn't great. Nicholls absolutely sold the bag on us. They were awful in the 2nd half and missed free throw after free throw. We did cash on the West Virginia / OK State Over, and we were able to tap-in to Kansas with a live bet to help ease some of the Nicholls pain. We move on to today!

Today's Bets:

Michigan State ML -155 1.55u

This is MSU's first home game since the unthinkable happened on campus last week. The crowd will show up for this one in a big way. Everyone wants to see them get a big win here tonight.

Baylor ML -125 1.5u

I think Baylor gets it done tonight on the road. Kansas State are frauds, if you ask me. Regardless, this should be a great game to watch!

Xavier -5.5 -110 1u

Toledo -4.5 -110 1u

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